Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A quick year in review.

Well it has bee a long time since I last posted anything here.  I thought it was time to get back onto the blog.  It has been a long year with my grandmother passing in December, my grandfather moving from next door to South Dakota.  Then just the normal everyday stuff of surviving the day to day.  But we are still surviving and thanking God everyday for what He has given us.

  Over the summer my daughter and I were able to take a road trip with my dad.  Wow was that fun.  We drove from Washington state down thru California and over to Oklahoma.  We stopped on the way to Oklahoma at the Grand Canyon, which is amazing.  We did not do the glass observation deck, did a little research on it and is was super expensive, you can't take photos but they offer for a extra charge to take some for you.  It sounded like a racket so we decided just to go up the other side out of New Mexico.  It was amazing, photos can not do it justice.  But here is one of my daughter doing her best Price Is Right of the canyon.

  After the Canyon we were off to Oklahoma, where my dad is from and also my best friend and her family are.  It was a wonderful week there spending time with her and her family.  Her hubby is military so they move every couple of years and it was great seeing her.  I love Oklahoma also.  I want to move there.  It is so nice, the people, the living wages at jobs, the pageants(heehee), and the thunderstorms are so amazing.

  So now it is September and school has started, my son is in his senior year and my daughter is in second grade.  I am still designing and sewing and trying to be the best I can be.  Hopefully I can get some tutorials up soon and maybe a couple of my favorite recipes and just some other random stuff.  

  Till next time, take care of you and your family and make sure to hand out smiles to everyone you see.